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What are your session rates?

A 10-minute phone session is $33 US. A 15-minute phone session is $44 US. A 30-minute phone session is $77 US. A 45-minute phone session is $111 US. A 60-minute phone session is $144 US.

Can I get a same-day reading?

I do not offer same-day appointments. Please use the online scheduler, and you'll see the next available dates and times. That will usually be 2-4 days from now. 

Wait a minute ... I thought you were in San Francisco?

In 2009 I relocated to the metro Detroit area after 22 years in San Francisco. Because all my readings are done over the telephone and Skype, I work regularly with clients in the US, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia ... distance is no barrier!

Is a phone reading just as ÒgoodÓ as an in-person reading?

Absolutely. I am tuning into your energy. Once we set an intention, I can read you accurately whether we are in the same room or not. In fact, I strongly prefer to read over the phone because I'm not distracted by your physical appearance, body language, and so on. I'm free to focus on your energy as it comes to me through your voice.

Will I get my questions answered in a short (10- or 15-minute) reading?

I offer short readings for those who have just a couple of questions they'd like to look at in some detail. I connect very quickly and can pack a ton of intuitive guidance into a very short period of time. (If you've heard me reading on the radio, you know that's the case!) A short reading is also a great way for you to see whether or not we're a good fit for each other without making a larger commitment of time and money.

Can I get an email reading?

No. Because I read from the energy of the human voice, I'd  rather connect with you on the phone or on Skype so that I can get a clearer sense of your situation and bring you better guidance. If you have only one question, consider booking a 10- or 15-minute private session so we can look at it together.

What can I expect if I book a reading?

I spend a few minutes before our session sitting in meditation to clear my mind and prepare to connect with you. During that time, I take notes of anything that comes up that I feel guided to pass along to you during your session.

When you call in for your appointment, IÕll ask you to join me in a brief prayer for protection and guidanceÐasking the Divine to open our hearts, and setting an intention to receive only the highest and best guidance. I'll take a quick look at your energy, and share anything that immediately comes up for you.

Now IÕll ask you to state the questions or concerns that led you to seek a reading. Often I begin to receive (or ÒchannelÓ) guidance while youÕre still asking the question! Sometimes it can take a few moments of silent reflection before things begin to flow.

IÕve been told that I sometimes talk too fast when giving a readingÐthere may be a flood of information and images that I want to communicate without losing anything. Sessions are recorded, and I will email you an mp3 of the reading for your reference. You may also wish to take notes during a reading.

IÕll let you know what IÕm seeing/hearing and will ask if that has meaning for you. Please ask any clarifying questions you wish. You may find that YOU are channeling guidance yourself during this time. We are all capable of accessing Source, and some people find that setting an intention and then sitting with an experienced channel opens their own third eye. I love it when this happens!

When our session is at an end, weÕll say a very brief prayer of thanks for the time weÕve shared and the guidance weÕve received. And thatÕs it!

WhatÕs with the praying? 

I work from a Christ-centered space, but I welcome people of all faiths, and those who profess no faith at all. Praying at the beginning of our session is a way to prepare us for our work together, to protect the space we share, and to set an intention for only the highest and best guidance. WeÕre opening a channel to the Divine. At the end of the reading, I say another brief prayer to close the channel and to thank Spirit for guiding us in our session.

What about confidentiality?

What we say during a reading stays between us, and only us. I take my obligation to protect your confidentiality very seriously.

I want to connect with my loved ones in Spirit. Are you able to do that?

I prefer to work as an intuitive guide and psychic channel. When I connect with you energetically for your reading, I am connecting with your guides, my guides and Source energy to receive information for your Highest and Best Good. Sometimes one of your loved ones in Spirit may also come forward with a message. When that happens, I am honored to pass the message along to you. If you are looking for purely a mediumship reading, I'm happy to refer you to trusted colleagues who specialize in mediumship.

But I saw/heard about your gifts as a medium. Why aren't you advertising them?

Recently, I've received some publicity about my work as a medium. I'm glad to have been of service, and was really flattered when my client brought me to other people's attention in such a nice way! I work with your loved ones in Spirit only when they come up organically as part of your intuitive reading. I accept clients for mediumship readings only when I feel very strongly guided to do the session.

Are there questions you won't answer?

You can ask me anything! I work with clients from all walks of life and who embrace all sorts of lifestyles. No need to be embarrassed or worried about your questions. If you ask me something that I feel uncomfortable reading on, I'll let you know and we'll move on to something else. My goal is to use our time together to pass on compassionate, no-nonsense intuitive guidance that will help you move forward. I don't spend a moment sitting in judgment of you, your lifestyle, your choices, etc. What would be the point of that?

I don't read on the outcome of pregnancy, on the timing of your (or someone else's) passing, or provide lucky dates/numbers. I don't offer charms or do spell work. I'm not an astrologer or a numerologist (but I can recommend some great ones, if that's what you're after). I can't diagnose or advise treatment of any physical illness or condition, but I'm very happy to take a look at your physical concerns, help you gain insight into the energetic causes that may be part of the issue, and then give you some guidance about how to shift that energy.

I think my home or workplace may be haunted. Can you help?

Please contact me with some details. IÕm happy to do a phone consultation with you to discuss your situation. I'll give you the information I receive intuitively about your situation and will recommend next steps.