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Your gift is magnificent - and you embody it with such warmth and compassion.  I feel very touched and have received great benefit from connecting. Thank you. I am also so delighted to have someone to refer people to that I trust implicitly - you are my go-to for people looking for intuitive guidance!
-- Dr. Michael Lennox
Psychologist, Dream Interpreter
Author of "Dream Sight"

Karen is the only psychic I consult. She works with the highest integrity, tells you when she doesn't know, and truly connects with the Divine and your guides to tell you what you need to know at that moment for the highest good of all concerned. She's the real deal, with a big heart!
-- Sophie Lhoste
Master Healer

As a psychic and an empath, I am cautious about whom I receive readings from. Karen is one of the top psychics I've ever worked with -- she continually astounds me with the things she knows and she is nurturing, super-professional and comes from such a clean and clear energy. I always feel better after talking to her. She brings the utmost integrity to the field and every single call we do. I highly, highly recommend her!
-- Jaime Pfeffer

I got so, so much out of our reading and really truly feel like things have shifted for me and put in complete perspective. Amazing. The reading was also like an energy clearing for me as well. I feel so much lighter and stronger -- and that dark energy and worry are not there. I'm so glad you are there to call when needed. I'm very grateful to you and your guides!

-- JP

Thank you so much for your extra time today. Our conversation was incredibly helpful, and I'm excited to move forward with these ideas and intentions. As you must know, you are truly gifted because I feel like you immediately understand me so well, and were able hit on so many points that I needed to address and are sometimes challenging to verbalize. I'm so happy I found you! Many thanks for everything and I will surely be in touch in the future!

                                                                                                                                                                  -- CW

Thank you for the timely intuitive wisdom you shared with me. It provided the clarity and direction I need to take my life to the next level! Not only did your guidance completely resonate with where I am, you delivered it in such a compassionate and caring way. Thank you, Karen! 

-- GB

I was impressed at how quickly and accurately you were able to connect with my energy, without asking for any personal details about me prior. I am blown away actually! You are amazing! I will definitely be spreading the word to my friends.

-- JG

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again and to let you know how extraordinary I find your gift to be. Since we had our session, I have sent 4 of my friends to you. Each one of them was blown away with your abilities. Not only was the information you were able to tap into spot-on in every instance, but the delivery of your messages is filled with kindness and compassion. Thank you for doing what you do to help guide others and offer them support.

-- JG

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This was an amazing session full of many, many insights for me. I am fascinated by your work and look forward to speaking to you again soon. Love, blessings and much gratitude.

-- JI

Thank you so much Karen. You've given me a lot to think about and helped me figure out how to approach things. I appreciate your time and energy!

-- SP

Thank you for an amazing reading Karen! It was just what I needed.

-- MB

Thank you SO much, Karen. You've been such an integral part of my support system in our sessions and beyond. I continue to sing your praises to anyone who is open to this kind of work. I truly can't thank you enough.

-- WT

Thank you so much Karen for your great guidance. I feel very blessed to receive this powerful message from you. ... Not enough to words to use to show my gratitude. Thank you and thank you!

-- HA

Thanks so much!  Largely due to our session ... I have a much shinier outlook on this change than I would have thought possible. You and your gang of guides are amazing rock gods/goddesses! 

-- CS

Thank you SO MUCH for this. It really helped, you've really helped! I so appreciate you going the extra mile with your generosity and love.

-- KC

Thank you so much for the session!  The reading was really helpful to me. You sounded like you know me very well, and your advices helped me to make a choice. Relistening to the audio makes me feel I can change my life for the better. I'm going to open a new door and move forward! Thank you for sharing your gift and love with me! You are wonderful!

-- NC

You are amazing!!!!  After our reading, I took what you shared with me and reflected on what you shared.   One key note was my question about my health. ... Very empowering to help guide individuals upon their "true" path. THANK YOU so so much. I am so blessed that you share your gift with the world.

-- SR

Thanks so much for your kindness, clarity and love! It was a great reading and great info, thanks again so much!

-- TB

Karen is a uniquely gifted intuitive adviser! Not only is she insightful, I truly appreciate how caring she is and how funny she is--a great combination when I'm hurting. I feel she truly listens with her heart and inserts humor appropriately without dismissing my feelings. Her insights are always right on, including pointing things out to me that are true that I may not be conscious of while my heart is hurting. It gives me comfort to know that I can consult Karen when my human challenges prevent me from tuning into my own inner wisdom. Thank you for the blessing that you are, Karen!

-- APC

Thank you so much for the read! I really enjoyed it, and I'm still digesting its contents. As you have heard before from many others, you most definitely have a HUGE gift for helping people. The talk was SO healing and empowering for me. The information is tremendously useful ... I'm just feeling very uplifted and ready to take care of business!

-- AA 

Thank you SO MUCH again for your Heart Service. You are Amazing! I will definitely pass on your info and I will keep you posted on what's up in my world :)) I hope our paths meet in person one day. I just re-listened to our call and you certainly are right on :)

-- CF

A million thanks for the reading you gave me.  It is tremendously helpful to have somebody who puts things into perspective for me and on top of that you have those wonderful insights. I was able to instantly let go of the feeling "things have to happen instantly" which is  one of my weaknesses (being an Aries). I am very grateful to know you.


Thanks Karen. Our session helped me to clarify lots and I'm ready to move forward without fear.

-- SA

Working with Karen has been an absolute pleasure. Karen is kind, thoughtful, and has the most amazing energy. She holds a space of the purest love, light, and intention for clients.
I have spoken with Karen for intuitive guidance on a couple occasions, and I have always found her thoughts to be spot on. Not only that, but after our sessions, I continue to receive messages from different sources that affirm and validate what we discussed in our session.

I can't describe how valuable these insights have been. They have helped me to stay on course when I was tempted to veer off. They have helped me to remind myself of my priorities, of what's most important to me in a situation.

I also participated in Karen's Breathe Love Live program, which was a gift and a blessing. The calls were so heartfelt and always seemed to touch on exactly what was going on in my life. I felt tremendous relief after each call. I also started to feel a lot more hope and my faith beginning to restore.

The exercises Karen teaches and the channel she opens up to connect with higher guidance and divine will are invaluable. I am so grateful to Karen for her guidance, her wisdom, and her gift, and most especially, her willingness to share that gift with the rest of us.

-- Shannon Lagasse

I want to thank you for the recent reading. It helped SO much, more than I would have ever thought.  This past week has been so peaceful, I don't even know what to do with myself! :)

-- YM

Karen Hager did a reading for me, and I also got in on a gallery reading. I just listened to the recordings to both, and wow! I heard her the first time, but it really helped to listen to it again. If you're feeling stuck, need some insight on a situation, or just want a peek into your future, then do sign up for a reading. You will be so glad you did!

-- KW

Thank you so much, Karen! The reading was full of information and love!!
-- JA

Karen is AMAZING! I have have several readings from her and I always come away inspired and ready to move forward. She is the one who got me out of my "bed of grief and fear" last April; otherwise, I really don't know where I would be right now. Thank you, Karen!
-- VT

Thank you so much for your insights today! I feel renewed in my purpose ... it was a bit of a wake-up call. ... I already feel happier, more optimistic, and ready to take on the challenges. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me today!

I just wanted to say thank you. It was great to have a reading with you and to see first-hand that you really are as good as I thought you were from listening to your show on iTunes :) I will, without a doubt, recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance. Thanks again - you are wonderful,
-- FG

I was stuck in a state of confusion for months. I found Karen by coincidence. It was definitely my Angels & Guides leading me to the help I needed. I hemmed and hawed to myself about having a reading, because (with everything in my head), I never thought I could come up with 1 solid question, I was jumbled/frazzled!! Finally I thought, I will just listen to what she has to say to me, and then maybe a question will come, so I booked a session Well, we could not stop talking (mostly Karen with these amazing insights)!! Karen is as accurate and intuitive as any person can be. Karen is truly Gifted and you will end up with so many questions answered and lots of other amazing information about you that is very helpful to your life; you will gain so much clarity and the confusion, doubt, fear or whatever is in your way...will be gone.
PS I am an unpaid spokesperson. LOL
-- MR

Thank you for your clarity and kind delivery.  I appreciate your relationship with your guides and the way that translated into information that I can implement right away.  The appreciation I am feeling is also for your sense of humor.  You must be told this often.  It's a kind of funny that tickles softly but paints a big graphic.  I hope for opportunity to meet in person one day.
-- ES

Thank you so very much for the session today. You are most gifted and I was blown away by your insight, clarity and guidance. My heart is full of gratitude.
-- CA

What can you get out of a short 10 minute session with Karen? A whole new perspective on life that's what!  Karen"s gentle way helped me see that I already have all the answers within, and that if I can be bold enough to keep TRUSTING my OWN intuition, then it will lead me exactly to where I need to go...even if it doesn't always feel that way at first.  Give yourself the gift of connecting with this gifted, caring and compassionate teacher. I am in awe of her gift!
-- SS

Thanks Karen! I'm so glad we had the chance to speak. Our session was incredibly helpful. I feel very at peace with where I'm at and where I'm headed now.
-- SP

Karen is wonderful. Though I had a short session with her, she answered all of my questions, offered deep insights and advice on how to handle my situation. Karen is very pleasant, delivers accurate messages and encourages feedback. I like that she started and ended my session with a prayer. Also she provided me with a recording to keep. My experience with Karen was wonderful and the message was helpful.
-- PB

It was such a pleasure speaking with you! I was very happy with how quickly you were able to connect and all the information you were able to give in such a short time. You truly have a great talent and I'm happy you're sharing it with the world. I know I will be in touch on an as-needed basis from here on out.
-- ES

I can't believe I am starting to feel so much better ... you know you are a miracle, right?
-- JS

Thank you so much for being so sweet, wise and non-judgmental. I am deeply grateful for all of your help!
-- MM

Karen, thank you again for the light you've given me. You really are an angel. I look forward to speaking with you in the future for guidance. Take care of yourself :-)
-- AP

I listened to our session and you are so spot-on as usual. You've helped me immensely over the past however long we've known each other, so thank you! I feel I am back to my good place and that is the best feeling ever!! 
-- KY

Thank you for the reading today, Karen. The information you provided me will reinforce the positive momentum that I am trying to maintain with my new-found freedom and independence.
-- WC

I just finished listening to the recording of our session and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I have consulted four other psychics in my life and you, by far, have given me clearer, more precise information that makes perfect sense. This new knowledge is allowing me to make a few needed shifts in my perceptions and actions. I feel lighter. I know that is a sign of validation that I am on the right track. Thank You!

-- EC

I did want to catch you up on all of the dreams and wishes come to fruition, just as we had talked about during our sessions. I also wanted to thank you, Karen. I know I sought you out for specific services, but I'm grateful more so, for the human connection that was made, and the loving intentions that you held for me. [...] More than just intuitive services, I needed a counselor and a sincere love-based guide of sorts, and this is what you provided for me. Thank you for helping me to move forward on my journey, so that I may continue to help others on theirs.
-- JG

I just re-listened to the reading you did for me back in October and was blown away by how much I got from it this time around which was different from what I got when you did the reading.  You do amazing work !
-- CM

Thank you so much for the wonderful session today. I was so impressed and amazed by your insights, advice and just your approach and loving wisdom.
-- NB

I can't thank you enough for your focus and insight.  What I really appreciate about your style is that it wasn't all "hocus pocus, here's your future."  The [creative project] idea stuck with me and the fact that the success of this project is in my hands. I took an extra week with it, deepened what I had written and [made some changes]. ... The feedback so far has been exactly what I wanted, and more. ... This is the year for this shift and our conversation put the train on the tracks. 
-- DM

I absolutely love my conversations with you, I always have so much fun and feel so loved when I come out
of them.
-- NP

Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful reading. You were so easy to talk to, so funny and down to earth. I'm feeling more optimistic about dealing with my painful feelings.
-- DB

I wanted to say thank you for your time.  Like I mentioned I was wanting to speak to you for a while and now I know why.  Our conversation has offered me some much needed inner comfort that I haven't had in a long while.  Thank you for your guidance - spot on as usual!
-- JB

It was really helpful on many levels--rather affirming of the big decisions and encouraging in that I know I can handle what comes next.  I think you have a beautiful gift and really appreciate you sharing it with the rest of us.
-- KV

Thank you so very, very much... thank you for sharing your kindness, joy and love with me. You have given me so much peace around [...] by the time the call was over I felt so much lighter and brighter. I have so much gratitude in my heart for the gift you have given me I awoke this morning with such a smile in my heart.
-- JH

Karen’s intuition is SPOT ON. Seriously, she could tell me with absolute clarity that I would be volunteering at Heifer International’s Learning Center at Overlook Farm, my “dream job” if you will. She also told me that I would have success sharing my story of an eating disorder and helping women to heal  their relationship with food- also something that I’ve made a reality. Not only is she incredibly gifted at her chosen profession, but she’s also a very generous woman in her own right. After hearing about my business and my mission, she graciously offered me the opportunity to speak on her radio show and then later extended the invitation to a show she was guest hosting. I applaud Karen for tapping into her potential and sharing her wisdom and resources with her clients. I can’t recommend her enough.
-- Shannon Lagasse

My reading helped me focus on areas that I need to in my life. You always see into me and help me understand myself so much better. Right before you pulled our energies back into our bodies and closed the session with your prayer I felt your sparkly energy.  It was pure and sparkly like a silver streak of water when the sunlight hits it.
-- SL

You have been my highlight of the week! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with me. It was so confirming of what has been going on.
-- KF

I took your Facing Fear class, and used one of your Protection prayers for my current situation.  It helped!  Things are beginning to clear up (in my view), and my vibration shifting upward steadily.  I also consistently see angelic numbers around me, almost on a daily basis.
-- CW

Thanks again for such a lovely reading!  The amazing thing is that you were answering questions that I was wondering in the back of my mind but didn't say out loud.
-- JH

You really helped me to see some things so clearly.  I had a huge week last week with people trying to push my boundaries.  But I recognized it and put myself first.  I am following my intuition more and amazing people have shown up in my life.  Thank you so much.
-- BH

I want to thank you for this great gift, you have confirmed a lot to me and I am still reeling from the Energy download that came through. I stand in infinite Love and Gratitude.
-- MI

Karen, thank you for changing my perspective about the situation. You have a knack for telling me the truth in a loving way, in a way that helps me move forward. 
-- PE

Thank you -- you are gifted. No one outside of you can give you that acknowledgement, like the fulfillment of your gift feeding you from the inside.
-- RS

I just wanted to let you know how much our call meant to me.  It has restored my faith in my guides, who I "know" are always present but who I forget to call on.  You helped me realize that I'm not alone and have plenty of support, if only I will reach out for it.  Thank you for helping me to see the big picture.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to use my gifts of service to assist myself and others. And thank you for helping lift this fog of stress and confusion that I've been feeling.  Your insight, warmth and compassion are very healing and such a blessing!
-- GB

I wanted to thank you for my reading the other day. I appreciate your empathy, humor, patience, and encouragement while talking to you. The recording will be useful for me later on to play back if I ever feel lost.  Wish there were more people like you in my life, great energy and fun!
-- JJ

It was a joy to speak with you this morning! talk about good energy...I was smiling while I was talking to you and even afterward!  The information that you shared with me was so helpful in many ways.
-- HH

My unruly brainwaves are re-orchestrating themselves into a more harmonious symphony after speaking with you. I was ... afraid of hearing something I felt ill equipped to handle ... . As it turns out, any fear was unfounded. I am feeling lighter and more positive since our conversation. Thank you again for your excellent, insightful and accurate reading. Everything--and I mean 100% of what you said--made total sense and was on the mark.
-- JL

Thank you Karen!  Our call this morning was super helpful.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
-- HB

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help. It truly takes a special person to deal with the emotional/energetic storm cloud I was in 30 minutes ago and make some sort of sense of it (especially over the phone!) I feel MUCH clearer now that you confirmed a lot of what I've been feeling but was having trouble expressing. I will definitely seek your guidance again.
-- JP

I cannot thank you enough for the powerful session. Since we spoke, I feel like I reconnected with my spiritual self. I have been calm and mindful. The problems which seemed so intense for the past few months have become less significant with your insight and foresight. Thank you.
-- LG

Karen, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the reading. You are so easy to "be with" and talk to!!!  I feel like we've known each other for a long time !! Thank you for ALL of the things that you said -- each and every one makes complete sense to me ... Your gift is priceless to me -- thank you again.
-- LW

Karen, I know you know how real and true your readings are. WOW ... they just keep giving! So many things you said, which I couldn't confirm because I wasn't yet aware ... and now ... WOW, going all the way back to the first one by phone. Karen, your readings are invaluable and your price is nothing compared to their worth. I hope to have another one very soon. Thank you!
-- KR

Karen was great! Our session was short, but thorough-- and I appreciate her straight-forward approach. She cuts to the hearts of matters, and helps you to see how things 'might' go depending on where YOU choose to go with them. She believes in free will, and that nothing is 'set in stone'-- which I appreciate.
    Karen's prices per session are reasonable, and I really felt she read for me well, and gave me some great insights. I feel better equipped to tackle some upcoming events in my life because of her perspective.
    Highly recommended-- give her a call when you can! She definitely got me out of a rut in under 30 minutes :D
-- MW

Over the years I have had a number of readings from a couple of different psychics. None has been as helpful, insightful and clear as the one I had with Karen. She quickly located the centers of the 2 issues I brought to her. Several months later I still find myself chewing on main elements from the reading in a very productive way. The way she began and ended the session, with prayer and reestablishing boundaries, made our time feel very safe and comfortable. Oh, yeah. She's really funny too! A joyful way to get some clarity and guidance.
-- JN

I have seen a few "psychics" in the past, but no one came close to Karen. She was not only precise but provided guidance and enlightenment. She is incredible. At first, she told things that made me a bit apprehensive and worry. For example, I was desperate to buy my own house and started looking in May 2009.  She told me I will get it in December. I did! She even described to me what it will look like.
     There were things she told me that was not happening yet, but, as days went by, I realized "This is what exactly she was telling me after all!"Amazing!
     I will keep coming back to her.  There is no harm to light another candle to guide your way; and just believing to yourself  (inner light) that everything will be fine no matter how dark it is from the outside.
-- MDW

You gave me the most accurate, in-depth, and clear information that I've heard in two and a half years of searching for the root cause of the debilitating fatigue I've been experiencing. I've been doing self healing work around the issues you pinpointed since we spoke and feel more optimistic about my health than I have in a very long time. You truly are highly gifted, and I wish you prosperous blessings and abundant love in all you do.
-- SS

Just wanted to say thanks again for the reading last week.  I really enjoyed it, and it all made a lot of sense.  I was worried about the future, but now I have more clarity and feel better about it. I will definitely be getting another reading in the future!
-- KET

“I first heard about Karen while listening to her on a radio interview.  I instantly felt a connection with her and was compelled to contact her.  During our first reading together, I knew she was the real deal.  She knew things about me she could not have possibly known without me telling her.  Her perceptive abilities were most impressive and I truly appreciated her insights.  After our session, I felt a new sense of determination and inspiration.  I look forward to our next session together and I highly recommend The Fog City Psychic!”
-- Lisa Tunney

I really can't begin to express how much your readings mean. You remind me that I am supported, especially in tough times when I feel so much anxiety, your readings are like a big warm hug, they give me hope and remind me there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  I thank the universe for bringing you (and your awesome readings) into my life!
-- AL

"I felt completely safe, supported and connected during my reading. I am happy to recommend you to anyone interested in experiencing a psychic reading."
-- Shann Vander Leek

"You're blowing my mind!" That's what I kept saying throughout the entire reading. I've never called a psychic before but my friend, Missie kept pushing me so I fianally caved and went through with it (expecting a hack). Wow. I was intrigued, guided, and I had fun! I'm not sure how she does it...I wonder if she'll let me attach electrodes to her head so I can figure this out ;-)
-- AG

Thanks SO much for the reading today. It was incredibly helpful -- for the first time in a long time I feel motivated and purposeful and even calm. It was a really interesting experience, too. I truly appreciate your help.
-- KE

There are a lot of capable psychics out there, however Karen is particularly skilled at really reading the energy of how it is - not how you may think it is or want it to be or even how the present moment seems - but really how it is, especially so with relationships either with yourself or with others. I have benefited from and enjoyed Karen's work immensely. You will be getting your insight's worth from every minute with her.
-- Rev. Trella Davis,
MBA/Psychic/Clairvoyant Healer/Reiki Master

I was surprised, pleased and kinda blown away by the reading I had with Karen! She "knew" (or read) some poignant things about my life and gave some interesting insights too which clarified my approach to things we discussed in a gentle, helpful way.
   Her professionalism both business-wise and energetically were appreciated as well. I liked the way the reading did not begin until she did an opening prayer and after we ended it and I was given back all my own "energy and bits" it felt totally done and non-invasive. Nice psychic boundaries, that is. I'll be back for more...

Karen Hager is not only a delightful person, but a gifted psychic. I had a reading with her the other day, and let's just say that I got some some answers and perspectives on a situation in my life - just when I needed it! She also has an amazing radio show.
-- AN

I've had two readings now with Karen. I'm working through a lot in my life and trying to move myself forward into a more comfortable place. Karen's patient style, her empathy and her humor all combine with her insight to help me find my way in a more level-headed and thoughtful manner. I'll definitely be calling her again!
-- DW

I was referred to Karen by friend of mine and I must say I am glad she did! I'll be frank, I was wary of calling her up in fear she was a fake psychic. There are so many scammers out there that after you try a few, you sort of lose your beliefs in the authenticity of these spiritual readings.
    However, I thought about it and realized I had nothing to lose if I called in for a free read on her psychic radio show. I must say I was astounded by her accuracy and that encouraged me to hire Karen for a full indepth reading.

    Her readings are very cheap compared to other psychics and she always ensures her client is satisfied with the read;before closing the session (that way you get your money's worth)!
    Accuracy is indeed the number one thing a person looks for in a psychic and although there is no such thing as 100% accuracy, Karen comes close at hitting most of the marks. (Sorry to burst your bubbles guys/gals, but the truth is you make your reality and real authentic psychics will reassert that.)
    Karen will give you lengthy details about your current situation without needing much information. She told me things about how I viewed myself, and the people around me, and to my surprise she said I was extremely intuitive. (Okay so it was not much a surprise since I already knew.) One of the most surprising thing Karen has said to me was about my room and my fear of people intruding. She spoke about it in a way where I knew nobody except close family members would know.
    Okay, to wrap it up, I know many of you want the lowdown on the flaws ... which is not many. I'm thinking really hard right now and the only flaw I can think of is that she picked up on a man who would be by my side who is also in the acting world. I'm not very close to people in general so I couldn't think of a person who fit that character. Perhaps it was a prediction that has yet to come and not one that has past.
    Overall, I'd highly recommend Karen to anyone.
-- LL

More and more of my business associates are turning to intuitive readers to assist them in making critical personnel hires or decisions about their business that could have a huge financial impact. If you have a low tolerance threshold for the woo-woo factor and could use another stream of business advice that you won't get from an MBA-laced consultant, I strongly recommend you contact Karen Hager. Her grounded, practical focus allows you to look at a situation free from your own or anyone else's filters and is invaluable in confirming your intuition or providing the insight you need to make a decision with confidence.
-- PM

I had a psychic reading with Karen twice now and she is right on. She is very nice, caring, and professional. Not only does she see things psychically, she will also give great advice;on your situation. Karen saw a future job for me and described the job and the people I will be working with. 5 stars.
-- KC

Over the last few months I was at a crossroads in my life and needed clarity on how to move forward.
   I came across Karen and instantly after only speaking a few minutes with her, I felt a calmness come over me like the "Weight of the World" had been lifted. I could feel in her voice that she genuinely cared about me as a person. In other words, I didn't just seem like another client.
   She intuitively picked up on what was troubling me and offered suggestions on how to move forward with the situation at hand that would benefit ME. Throughout the session she allowed me to ask questions thus taking the time to explain, in detail, what her guides were showing her, also giving me constructive feedback.
   She pointed out that yes indeed I was on the right path but that this choice needed to be for ME on my TERMS. This wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but what it taught me was to "Believe In Myself, that I am in charge of creating and manifesting my Destiny"
   I have since purchased a few readings from Karen, each time she has been consistent and continues to bring peace and clarity to my heart and my mind.
   Her guidance has empowered me to move forward with Strength and Confidence. She has also made me realize that yes, indeed, My Dreams can come to Fruition.
   If you want someone that is truly gifted, speaks from the heart and NOT what you want to hear, I suggest you give her a call. You won't be disappointed.
  Thank you for sharing this gift Karen.
-- TO